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No further business appearing the Church adjourned. O. J. Reynolds Clk. The following members having been received were baptized. Viz. Mary E. Reynolds, Emma E. Parker, Mollie P. Wilkinson, Mary E. Tucker, Pinkey A. Ruckman, Narcissa F. Austin, Mollie E. Smith, Martha C. Sanderson, Sarah E. Anderson, Laura A. Tucker, Lucy J. Hudson, Mary A. Sanderson, Laura J. Reynolds, Lucy F. Talley, Mary C. Anderson, Arintha A. Talley, Bettie R. Sanderson, Mary Austin William F. Anderson, William F. Conner, James B. Dunkum, Edward P. Dowdy, Samuel T. Dowdy, William P. Hutchinson Albert B. Jenkins, John J. Parker, Chesley D. Ransome, Alfred B. Roberts, John C. Taylor, Richard S. Baugham, and Daniel Sanderson was reinstated, also the following servants, Viz Frances, The property of J. D. Jenkins Margaret, T. W. Ruckman