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Fluvanna Sc. Wm. Oglesby Sr. of Lawfull age being First sworn on the Holy Evenjalist of Almighty God to give Evidence in a certain suit now Depending Between Benja. Fitzpatrick and Mary his Wife Plt. and Wm. Fitzpatrick and Others Dfts. Deposeth and saith that at the time Mary P Fitzpatrick gave testimony in the above mentioned Suit that he the sd Deponant heard the sd. Mary P Fitzpatrick say that in case Ro: Wright should be cast, and Loose his Negro: that she the sd. Mary would give him the sd, Wright another in Leu [Lieu] thereof and the Deponant further saith nott. Wm. Oglesby

Sworn to before us the 27th Septr. 1783. Tho: Napier, Jno. Napier