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The answer of Sarah White, widow of Garland White, deceased, to the bill of Complaint of Chapman White exhibited against her and others in the county Court of Fluvanna.

 This defendant, [saving?] the usual exceptions to said Bill, for answer thereto, or unto so much she is advised to answer, answereth and saith, 
 That she admits the death of the late Garland White, that she is his widow, that he made and published his last will and testament, a true copy of which she believes is exhibited with the bill of the Complainant and that by virtue of the provisions of said will, the property in said bill came to the possession of this defendant - and with these admissions, your respondent  alleges that she has admitted the truth of every material fact set forth in said Bill l- she is mortified and surprised that one of her own children should have been so far influenced by considerations of a selfish & personal character as  to have been induced to harass and disturb the repose of an aged, the illiterate and ignorant parent . She wholly and unequivocally denies the charge in said bill, that she, this defendant, intended or desired to sell,