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son, Orramel, expressed a desire to sell one of said slaves, Mary, provided, as this defendant believes, he could procure the consent to do so of the other children his co-remaindermen. Could he have procured such consent this defendant does not know she would have objected - as the interest and portion of said Orramel in the property of the estate was more in value than the said slave Mary - Your respondent believes he applied to one or more of the children for such permission - and she understood, that such as he applied to refused their assent - In all this, however, your respondent had neither part nor lot - It is true, that her son Orramel is unfortunate in his habits, and, possibly to some extent, impaired in his mind - this to your respondent is a source of grief & distress enough, she thinks, without making it cause of suit against her - She is advised that whatever may be his habits, whatever may be his wishes or threats, if he entertain the one or has uttered the other, it cannot affect or impair his legal rights - and she can not in any way be responsible therefor. Having answered the material allegations in said bill, your respondent prays that the cruel and harsh order, which the plaintiff has seen fit to obtain against her, may be set aside - and that she may be hence dismissed with her reasonable costs in this behalf expended -.

Flu: County to wit. Sarah White came before me, a justice of the peace for said County & made oath that the facts set forth in the foregoing answer so far as concerns herself are true, & so far as they concern others she believes them to be true - Given under my hand this 23d Augt.1841 [indecipherable signature]