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William Ross of Lawfull age being duly Sworn Deposeth as Follows -
Question by P Gaines  Did you Ever hear Fre Idle say any thing Passing his being summoned as a witness to appear at Grayson May Court Last By a Supoena Duces Tecum against Hagar in a suit for freedom  A.  I did
Question  at what time of the year or month Did it happen and what was the Conversation  A.  I think it was in May June or July in the year 1808 Mr Frederick Idle & myself had a conversation respecting the suit Hager vs Gaines he stated to me that Gaines had Summoned him to Grayson Court with a duce Casam but it was not legally done when he was legally summond he would be there  he did not mind his duce Casam at all
Question  Do you Recollect whether you Explaind the suppeona and set Idle Right or not?  A.  I do  I told him it was probaly a duce Shekum  he said that was it he thought he was not acquainted with the name of the writ & further saith not  Wm. Ross Jun'r.  Sworn to & Subscrib'd before me this 24th day of Dem'r 1808  Nath'l Frisbie

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