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Affidavits taken at the house of Maj'r. Daniel Sheffey at the lead mines in the county of Wythe to be read as evidence in an injunction depending in the county court of Grayson in which Frederick Idle is compt & P. Gaines Deft. Polly Barker a witness of deft. being first sworn saith: Did you Ever hear Fredrick Idle Say he had Been Summond as a witness on my behalf Phl. Gains in the suit Hagar against P. Gains for freedom to appear at Grayson May Court Last ? A. I do not recollect I ever heard him say any thing about it. Q. Did you see F. Idle on wednesday after May court, or the court at which the suit was expected to come on between P. Gaines an Harer? A. They said it was was to come on at May court. I do not recollect of seeing him. Q. How far did you live from the house at which F. Idle lived at that time? A. I suppose it is near 3 miles