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Did he not appear to understand that he was to attend Grayson May Court Last as a witness A I can not say but believes he supposd the summons was to call him to court to make some kind of defence against the freedom of negro hager Question Do you know how many days before Grayson May Court Last sd he started from your house to go there and at what time of that court week he returned to your house A I can not say more than what I have already said Question are you possitive that he did start from your house to my Grayson Court only a few days before the Court and was he unwell or not at that time A I know not whether Idle went to graysons May court or not, & he was not unwell at the time he left my house that I know of Question [wat] what time did you see a Bill of Injunction wrote by Cal Alexander Smyth to stay the proceedings in the suit Hager against Gaines in greyson for freedom A Mr. Tele Theasd me a bill of Injunction which he said was rote by Coln. Smith but at what time he shew it me I cannot say Question Did he seem to think that Injunction woud stay are further proceedings in the above mented suit or not