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Answer I cannot pretend to tell what his thoughts were, but he said he expected to obtain an Injunction to stay further proceeding in sd suit Question Did you hear him say for what purpose he wishd to stay proceedings in that suit for A I believe the purport of his bill was to stay the proceedings of the freedoms suit untill the title of the negro was divided in the District court in the suit now depending betewen you & him Question Did you not hear Fredrck Idle say he wish'd or that it was his object to have his suit against me Respecting hager in the District Court then before Hagers suit in Gray on court against mr. for freedom was there A I have heard him say so word to that amount Question under these circumstances woud it not have been aginst his intent to have attended Grayson May Court Last as a witness in that suit merry the freedom suit A I cannot say & further sath not the foregoing Deposition was to him Nathl Frisbie at the House of Majr Daniel Sheffey Wythe Cty