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Thomas Pattin Pursuent to a proven Notice Given to Philip Gaines to take Depositions in a Suit of Chancery Depending in our Court of Grayson At Mark Johsons being of full age the 26th day of December 1769 - but by Consent of parties adjourn'd till the 27th. Question by Fredrick Idle Ast Mark Johnson how fare do you Call it to Grayson Court house by the way of Jones forde Ans Between Six and Seven Miles Qs What time did you Come home on Tuesday the day of May Court last Ans late Qs did you Consider me to be Sick when you Came home Ans you appeard to be Sick and told me You was Very Sick Qs. did I mention where I was taken Sick on the Road Ans I do not Recollect Qs do you think a man had not Reather Return when he is taken sick on the Road or come then to go to the Court and be liable to be sick there Ans I Should Rather Return then be Sick there Sworn to and subscribed Mark Johnson John Fielder