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of the other children of the said Jno Jennett, as devisees of their said father in two tracts of land containing respectively 230 1/2 acres & 277 acres, & both situated near South Boston in the County of Halifax, that in the fall of 1852 the said James H Jennett agreed with the other children of the said Jno Jennett, to sell the aforesaid tracts of land & appointed his brother a certain Jno A Jennett as his agent to superintend the said sales - that both of said tracts were sold in the fall of 1852 - the tract containing 230 1/2 acres to James C Bruce for $1844 ($8 per acre) 1/2 of the purchase money to be paid in cash & the bal in 12 months - the tract of 277 acres to Wm E Robinson at $6.12 1/2 per acre amounting to $1696.62 & upon the same terms, - that the said Jno A Jennett duly informed the said James H Jennett of both sales & received from him a letter approving them with the promise that he would send to him a power of attorney to make the proper conveyances which letter is herewith exhibited as a part of this Petition - that the said James H Jennett employed a friend to execute the proper power but did without executing it - that the said Bruce & Robinson took possession of the said tracts of land & paid the purchase money according to contract - the said Jno A Jennett receiving the portion payable in Cash & belonging to James H Jennett & since the death of the said James H Jennett receiving the entire balance of the purchase money belonging his children & having made such arrangements that sd balance will be paid at any moment. And yr Petitioner further represents that the result of his investigation of said sales is that the said tracts of land sold for a fair price. And he further states that on the 24th Jan 1853 Elizabeth Jennett the widow of the said Jno Jennett. Jno A Jennett, Geo R Brown Pomelia Anne Boram Jno A S Davenport Susan P Davenport Wm E Robinson, Rebecca M Robinson Stephen R Pool & Elizabeth J Pool & the said children of the sd Jno Jennett with their respective Husbands conveyed to the sd Bruce & Robertson respectively the sd tracts of land with general warranty as will appear by reference to copy of sd deeds herewith exhibited as a part of this Petition. And your Petitioner is informed that the aforesaid parties to said deeds insist that the removal from the State of Virginia of the portion of the proceeds of the Sale of said tracts of land belonging to his aforesaid wards would be prejudicial to their interests And your Petitioner further shews that Susan Jennett the widow of the sd James H Jennett & mother of his aforesaid wards is dead, & that the persons residing in this State, who would be the heirs his sd wards if they all died and Elizabeth Jennett Jno H Jennett Pomelia Anne Boram formerly Pomelia Ann Jennett & her husband Jno R Brown Jno A S Davenport & his wife Susan P formerly Susan P Jennett, Wm E Robinson, & his wife Rebecca the formerly Rebecca M Jennett, Stephen R Pool Jr & his wife Elizabeth J. formerly Elizabeth M J Jennett & Jno Thomas Lorian an infant & son of Nancy Lorian the daughter of the sd Jno James W. who (the sd Nancy Lorian) died before the said Jno Jennett. Your Petitioner therefore prays that the said