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of the other children of the said Jno Jennett as devisees of their said father in two tracts of and containing respectively 230 1/2 acres & 277 acres, & both situated near South Boston in the County of Halifax, that in the fall of 1852 the said James A Jennett agreed with the others children of the said Jno Jennett, to sell the aforesaid tracts of land & appointed his brother a certain Jno A Jennett as his agent to superintend the said sales - that both of said tracts were sold in the fall of 1852 - the tract containing 230 1/2 acres to James C Bruce for $1844 ($8 per acre) 1/2 of the purchase money to be paid in cash & the bal in 12 months. the tract of 277 acres to Wm E Robinson at $6.12 per acre amounting to $1696.62 & upon the same terms, that the said Jno A Jennett duly informed the said James H Jennett of both sales & received from him a letter approving them with the promise that he would send to him a power of attorney to make the proper conveyances which letter is herewith exhibited as a part of this Petition. that the said James H Jennett employed a friend to execute the proper power but did without executing it. that the said Bruce & Robinson took possessin of hen