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Thereof that from your Honor will order that the said Josiah Dabbs guardian of the said infant children do pay & deliver over to your Petitioner as guardian of the said infant children in the State of Missouri to his agent or attorney all of the personal property & money in his hands belonging to the said infants & authorise your Petitioner to sue for recover & receive all personal property & the proceeds of the sale of the aforesaid tracts belonging to his said wards in like manner as if he had been appointed their guardian in the state of Virginia & to remove the same to the state of Missouri - that your Honor will order all proper accounts to be taken & grant such other & further relief as the nature of his case may require, & as to equity may seem meet. And yr Petitioner will ever pray &c Thos L Dupree guardian in the State of Missouri of James A Jennett, Elizabeth C Jennett, Martha Jane Jennett, & Jno W Jennett Dupree guardian vs Jennett &c } Petition