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The answers of Josiah [Dabbillegible] to a petition [illegible] against him and this in the [illegible] [illegible] for the county of Halifax by [illegible] L. [illegible] guardian in the state of [Missouri?] of James A. Jennett. Elizabeth C. Jennett, Marthia Jane Jennett, and [illegible] W. Jennett infant children of James H. Jennett [illegible]. This respondent having answering he himself [illegible] first night of [illegible]. Petition for answers [illegible] [illegible] do much himself as he is [illegible] it is material for him [illegible] [answers?] says that he admits that the said [illegible] J. [illegible] and the said infant children are all residents of the county of [illegible] in this state of [Missouri?] that the [said?] [illegible] is the guardian of the [said?] infant children in the state of [Missouri?] as such has [illegible] a bond. which as for this respondent is informed is in a sum sufficient and with [illegible] sufficient [illegible] his accountability for the whole amount of the estate of [said?] infants none in his hands or which will probably be received by him from any [illegible] [illegible]. And this respondent further admits that he is the guardian of the [said?] infant children in the state of Virginia and as such that he holds in his hands the sum of three hundred and thirty dollars ensuing from the sale and division of the personal property belonging to [said?] children and that also holds the bond of [illegible] [illegible] for the sum of $298 with [illegible] from [March?] 1856. Arising from the sale of the intrust of James H. Jennett in the tract of land of 230 acres to James C. Bruno and the bond of Emily [illegible] for $160 with [illegible] from 1st March 1856 and cash to the amount of $140. with [illegible] from. arising from the sale of the infant of the [said?] Jennett in the tract of land of 277 acres. [illegible]