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The answers of Josiah Dubler to a Petition exhibited agnst him & others in the Circt Ct for the county of Halifax by Thos L. Deupree guardian in the State of Missouri of James A. Jennett. Elizabeth C. Jennett, Martha Jane Jennett, and Jno W. Jennett infant children of James H. Jennett dec'ed. This Respondent saving & reserving to himself all just night of exception to sd. Petition for answer there to or to so much thereof as he is advised it is material for him to answer says That he admits that the said Thos J. Deupree & the said infant children are all residents of the county of Franklin in this State of Missouri, that the sd Deupree is the guardian of the sd infant children in the State of Missouri & as such has executed a bond, while as far as this Respondent is informed is in a sum sufficient & with security sufficient to insure his accountability for the whole amount of the estate of sd infants now in his hands or which will probably be received by him from any source whatever. And this Respondent further admits that he is the guardian of the sd infant children in the State of Virginia and as such that he holds in his hands the sum of Three Hundred & Thirty Dollars [blank] arising from the sale & division of the personal property belonging to sd children & that also holds the Bond of Easely Holt & Co. for the sum of $298. with Int from Mar 1st 1856. arising from the sale of the interst of James H. Jennett in the tract of land of 230 of acres to James C. Bruce. And the bond of Easely Holt & Co for $140.00. with Int from 1st March 1856 & cash to the amount of $140.00 with Int from the further sum of[blank] arising from the sale of the interest of the sd Jennett in the tract of land of 277 acres to Wm E