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Robinson as particularly described entered in said Petition the two last sums of money were received by this respondent from James A. Jennett one of [illegible] respondents to L. [illegible]. And this respondant [illegible] thus admits that he has no reason to believe that the removal of the money ensuing from the [illegible] of his personal property to the state of [Missouri?] [illegible] [illegible] rights or be prejudicial to the intrust of the [said?] infant children or of any other person. that he is not informed what effect the removal of the money arising from the [illegible] of the [said?] [parts?] of land will upon the intrust of any other parties beside the said infant children but that he is [illegible] [illegible] that the [illegible] should [illegible] such a decree in [illegible] [memoir?] as it should deem wish. [illegible] having fully [illegible] he [illegible] hence to the [illegible]. Josiah Dubb Halifax Co. to wit This [illegible] Josiah Dubb personally appeared before me a justice of the peace in and for the county of Halifax and made oath [illegible] the foregoing answers is true to this trust of his knowledge [illegible]. Given under my hand this 8 day of May 1836. Robert Jennings