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money arising from the sale of said land is to be considered personal estate; and being also of opinion that the removal of the said money in the hands of the said Josiah Dabbs and the bonds mentioned in his answers from this state will not [illegible] the rights or be prejudicial to the interests either of the said infants or of any other persons and being satisfied [illegible] notice of their application weeks in the [illegible] register a newspaper published in the town of Danville Virginia and being also satisfied by documentary evidence that the petitioner has given bond in the county court of Franklin County in the state of Missouri where he qualified with [illegible] by sufficient to ensure his accountability for the whole amount of the said infants estate in his hands or which will probably be received by him [illegible] further order that Josiah Dabbs to pay to the petitioner all the money in his belonging to the words of the said petitioner and [illegible] also deliver to him the two bonds held by him mentioned in his said answer and that the said petitioner be at liberty to collect the said two bonds and be authorized to remove all the money which he may receive under this order to the state of Missouri and that the said petitioner do pay the costs of his proceedings.