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This is to certify that [illegible] A. Jennett personally appeared before me a justice of the peace in [illegible] this county of Halifax and made oath that early in the fall of 1852 his brother James H. Jennett then living in the state of Missouri, [illegible] to him in [illegible] to a letter which he had [memoraly?] written to the said James H. Jennett consenting that the two tracts of land mentioned in the petition of [Thomas?] L. Deupree should be sold [illegible] the affiant [illegible] said sale as his agent that in the fall of 1852 the said tracts of land [illegible] sold as [illegible] by said petitioner and that the affiant duly informed said James H. Jennett of said sale and its terms. The he [illegible] from [illegible] Jennett a letter [illegible] 11 Dec 1852 approving said dates that the letter marked (H) is the [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] to and is in the handwriting of the said James H. Jennett consenting to [illegible] date of the above tracts of land has been [illegible] by him. The affiant further says that the property in the state of Missouri belonging to the [illegible] hands of the said petitioner he believes to be the following [illegible] a tract of land for which the said James H. Jennett paid in the year 1845 the sum of $1500 and which he believes from which he has [illegible] heard is now worth $2000.00 also a negroe girl worth he believes $1000 also a negroe woman worth about $700 also he thinks a negroe boy worth he does not know [illegible] and some $4 or 500 in money and [illegible] he believes that all of the property belonging to [said?] infants in the state of Virginia correctly stated in the answers of Josiah [illegible] [illegible] to said petition. and the affiant further states that the said tracts of land in his opinion sold for a [illegible] [illegible]. Given under my hand this 10th May 1856. [illegible] [illegible]