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The joint & several] answers of Jno A. Jennett, Elizabeth Jennett, Geo R. Borum and Pamelia A. his wife William E. Robinson and Rebecca [illegible] his wife Stephen P. [illegible] and Elizabeth Jane his wife, [illegible] A. S. Davenport and Susan P. his wife to a petition exhibited against them and others in the Circuit Court for Halifax County by Thomas L. [illegible] guardian in the state of [Missouri?] of James A. Jennett, Elizabeth C. Jennett, Martha Jane Jennett, and [illegible] William Jennett infant children of James H. Jennett deceased. These respondents saving and [resuming?] to themselves all [illegible] right of exception and said petition for answers [illegible] or to so much there of as they are advised [illegible] is material for them to answers say that so far as they are informed the allegations of said petition and true that they have no obligation to the removal of the personal property and money belonging to [illegible] said infant children in the state of Virginia [illegible] state of Missouri [illegible] to the removal if [illegible] portion of the money arising from the sale of [illegible] two tracts of land in the petition mentioned. These respondents admit that this portion of the money belongs to the [said?] infant children and they are entirely willing that it also shall be removed to the state of Missouri provided the court will decree a specific [illegible] of the contract of James H. Jennett [deceased?] [illegible] [illegible] of the said infant children or in any way in its wisdom said these respondents [illegible] on account of thus conveyance to [illegible] [illegible] and William E. Robinson [illegible] general warranty as they are particularly [illegible] in the said