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any have been the times when I have retired to the Silent Grove, and in my poor feeble way bowed my face to the ground and raised my voice in supplication to a Throne of Grace in behalf of all my bor's. and Sisters yea my mother and my Father too. And I trust as long as I have strength enough to get me to Silent Grove, to continue there to go and pour out my feeble prayers on behalf of those I dearly love. It is a pleasure to me, a great gratification and comfort, when I would fain see them and can-not, to go away to the place where I've chosen to pray and hold sweet communion with their God and my god; I have been enabled to go away with streaming eyes and a rejoicing heart, filled with the hope that in Heaven we shall meet again who have loved, who have loved for which lets all fervently, and devoutly pray. Present my best respects to all my relations and inquiring friends requesting them to write to us and accept the Same from your unworthy but affectionate bro. Jas. H. Jennett P. S. I concur and acquiesce in the proceedings referred to and shall in due time with your approbation send on a power of attorney to you (making you my representative) as I prefer you because you are my only brother. I therefore hope you will Serve if however you will not serve you can express the same in your next and I will appoint some one else, though I would greatly prefer you, and hope you will not object.