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Dear Bro. I. wish you to present my my best respects to Mother and tell her I have not forgotten her and I hope and trust I shall never forget to remember her, and her kindness and affection furnished to me all through life; I wish to be remembered to all my sisters too and Bro's.-in-law. Tell Bec's our little boy is trudging about all over the floor. I forget how long exactly he's been walking th'o. I think its 4 weeks to-day, tell her to write when hers com's. and all about him; she no doubt recollects that they (hers & ours) are the same age, if I mistake not hers is named Bur. J. Ro.'n. or Burrus Jennett, and ours Chris'r. Burrus. I would have her, and all the other Relations [page torn] I add no more! [illegible] Your affectionate Bro. Jas. H. Jennett Susan sends her respects to you and all the other Relations. N. B. If I do not hear from you soon I shall take it for granted you accept I shall send on the papers. P. S. Milly says tell old Mister and all the negroes howdy for her, Burrel & Sarah Jane especially, and that she's well and doing well, - weaving from 1 1/2 to 2 yards of cloth per day - poor weaving that, I would say, when there are men in Union who make from 8 to 10 yds. every day.