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Jim and Stephen valued at $860. he to pay to John A Jennett $17.15 2/3. which makes him equal. We have assigned to Mrs. Rebecca Roberson one slave Wilie valued at $600. she to pay to John A Jennett $7.16 2/3. which makes her equal We have assigned to Mrs. Eliza J Pool two slaves Davy and Ann valued at $650. she to pay to Jno: A Jennett $4.33 1/3 & to G. A Borum $2.83 1/3 which makes her equal. We have assigned to Jno. A Jennett two slaves Rial & Ellen valued at $1000. This with the above named several sums makes him equal, so it will be seen we have divided and made equal each of the legatees in all the lands and Negroes according to the provisions of the Will all of which respectfully submitted. Phil. Howerton, Paul Street, A. Willingham The following is a Statement of advances made by Jno Jennett Dec'd. to each of his children who are now living as pr. will - Permelia Ann Borum 760.00 Susan P Davenport 843.00 James H Jennett 1633.00 Rebecca Roberson 1095.00 John A Jennett 590.00 Lizzy J. Pool 1045.00 $5970.00 At a Court held for Halifax County the 24th day of January 1853. The within written valuation and division of the Slaves belonging to the Estate of John Jennett dec'd. was returned to Court and ordered to be recorded. Teste Wm. S Hott C. H. C. A Copy Teste Wm. S. Hott C. H. C