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May 9th 1853

Dear Brother John

I received your letter day before yesterday and I now hasten to answer it, in regard to the papers you spoke of I have to tell you they were never fixed up, I have seen the clerks myself he says my dear deceased Husband wrote to him to fix them for him and he was absent for a trip up the Country and when he returned he my Husband was sick, so there was nothing done at all, we have advised with the ablest lawyer I think in the county he studied law in Virginia he says I can go before our county court and become Guardian for the children appointing someone there to administer until the business is all wound up and then I can send on and get the money. the clerks say that I could have a power of attorney fixed and send it on which would answer every purpose. but it will have to be settled by the laws of your state of course. I do not know what business you alluded to when you said you did not know whether it would even be settled or not but I thought it was about what was coming to my husband I feel very anxious about It fearing it will cause you much trouble - but I hope it will not - I am administering in what is here myself we all thought it would be the best as there is not much to do only to pay the debts and I would have that to do anyhow. Oh! I feel like someone lost like there was always something before me which I am not capable of performing.