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Dear Brother you ask can i feel reconciled to this said bereavement - no my Brother not as I would wish to feel that it is not a cheerful resignation that I feel which is pleasing to God but I fear it is a forced submission, the flesh indeed is weak but God is my helper I feel like I can say as did the psalmist though he slay me yet I will trust in him. Oh if I had lost everything else in this world it would have been nothing in comparison to my dear affectionate companion but I it is God has taken him from this troublesome world to the mansions of rest prepared for all his faithful followers, yes my Brother while our nearest friends are falling so fast is it not a [illegible] calling to us to be ye also ready for in such as have as you think not the son of man cometh Oh how often have I heard your dear Brother [illegible] pray that his might be an unbroken family around the throne of God that not one might be left out - but that voice is heard no more with us now. Present my warmest regards to your dear Mother and all the family the Lord bless you with ever blessing needful for you and grant us all an admittance into the Kingdom of Christ is the sincere desire of your Bereaved Sister Susan T. Jennett tell Mother and Rebecca I am anxiously awaiting their letters P S. please write as soon as you receive this our county court comes up in June. tell Pennie Minerva is well and grows very fast she sends howdy to her and all her Brothers and sisters tell her she need not be uneasy about her o hope I shall discharge my duty to her as long as I live and to every other [illegible] being with whom I have to do she lives as one of my own children and appears as well satisfied. S T J