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take, and to bear the name of Anderson in addition to their [present?] ones.

 I appoint my nephew William T. Anderson of New Jersey and Leroy N. Anderson of Alabama, to be the guardians, and trustees of the said four minor children to qualify as such without giving any security, and to take possession immediately after my death, of all the estate which I have bequeathed to the said minor children, whom I desire to be liberally supported and well educated, none of my houses & lots on the south side of Main street in Williamsburg none of my houses & lots in York Town - and none of my lands in York County below Williamsburg are to be sold on any terms, but they are to be rented or leased out for terms of not more than three or four years at a time, on good security for their preservation as well as profit, to careful tenants until the year 1875 at which time they are to be taken and divided equally between the said foru now minor children or the survivors or survivor of hem, and their heirs; when also my other unsold real estate is to be divided in the same manner - any other of the estate which I have given to the said four minors, may be sold by the said guardians for cash or, the real estate on long credit, interest annually paid, or ample securities on the lands and otherwise. The proceeds of sales when received, and the income of these estates, to be annually invested for the children, in Va state or other safe stock, when not used in education and support= the debt due to me from W. Godden and my Va state, and bank, stocks, being at present safe and secure, I prefer to remain as they are. In managing the estates left the said four minors I rely confidentially upon their two