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(4) dollars and all the bedding and furniture in the room usually occupied by her, and I lend to her, for her life, to live in, the house and lot, about 90 feet square, on Frances & Cross Street in Williamsburg [bought?] mainly of Hamford. I emancipate and set free from slavery my servants Fanny Thurston, and her two young daughters. Charlotte Frances Houston Judah, and Georgy Southall Houston, and I give to each of these one hundred dollars in money, and I lend to Fanny for her life and the said two girls thereafter for their joint and several liens to live in the corner lot and house, about 63 feet on Min and about 73 on Cross Street being part of lot numbered 31 in Yorktown - and I recommend the three to the kind care of the four minors who are their relatives and to their guardians. I desire that my faithful servants Anna Parker and Sam Page, be well taken care of during their lives, and that they be free if they choose to be considered so. I appoint my nephews Wm. Anderson of N. Jersey and Leroy N. Anderson of Alabama to be the Executors of my estate, and to qualify as such without security being required of either of them. I have long and faithfully served my state, and Country, in peace and in war and I pray that the General Assembly of Virginia will pass an act permitting the slaves have herein emancipated to remain in the State as free persons. The whole of the foregoing will has been written on these pages with my own hand. and I now add my name and seal thereto this 22 day of February 1857. Signed Ro: Anderson {Seal}