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Codicil to[ Ro?]; Andersons Will, I emancipate and set free from slavery. My servant Alexander Goodall who is seven eights white and I bequeath to him the sum of one hundred dollars, and my wearing [illegible] [illegible]. authorize my nephews Wm. T Anderson & Leroy h. Anderson already appointed as guardians and trustees by my will to sell such of my slaves as I have nor or shall not dispose of by Will or deed. If neither of my said two nephews shall qualify as executors to my will then I appoint my friends Wm. G. Young of Warwick, [Jno?] M. Gregory of Richmond and W R. Sullivan to be my executors. I have written the foregoing with my own hand and I now add my signature, and seal there to this 26th day of September 1858. signed ro. Anderson Seal

York Town 10th October 1858. Wm R. Sullivan having emigrated to the south since writing the foregoing codicil. I revoke and annull his appointment as one of my executors. Signed Ro: Anderson Seal

York Town 20th October 1858. Maria Griffin has a daughter on the 19th who I name Seventy seven - and I emancipate & set free from slavery. I am very sick to day Signed Ro: Anderson Seal