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Codicil to Ro: Andersons Will, I emancipate and set free from slavery. My servant Alexander Goodall who is seven eights white and I bequeath to him the sum of one hundred dollars, and my wearing appearal. I authorize my nephews Wm. T Anderson & Leroy H. Anderson already appointed as guardians and trustees by my will to sell such of my slaves as I have nor or shall not, dispose of by Will or deed. If neither of my said two nephews shall qualify as executors to my will, then I appoint my friends Wm. G. Young of Warwick, Jno M. Gregory of Richmond and W R. Sullivan of Williamsburg to be my executors. I have written the foregoing with my own hand and I now add my signature, and seal thereto, this 26th day of September 1858. Signed Ro. Anderson {Seal}

York Town 10th October 1858. Wm R. Sullivan having emigrated to the South since writing the foregoing codicil. I revoke and annull his appointment as one of my executors. Signed Ro: Anderson {Seal}

York Town 20th October 1858. Maria Griffin has a daughter on the 19th who I name Seventy Seven. and I emancipate & set free from slavery. I am very sick to day Signed Ro: Anderson {Seal}