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A list of Notes filed in Suit of Armistead Monroe & others against A G Monroe &c and delivered Col'o Wm Ellzey Atty in fact for James Monroe which Power was this 23d of Sept'r 1832 admitted to record Note L. C Sinclair & James Gilmore dated 31st Jany 1832 payable in Six months after date for } $299.00

 "  Jno J Harding & Jno. Harding Same date & time of paymt   315.00
 "  Everet Landers & John Landers  ditto  ditto  139.00
 "  Jno Landers & Evert Landers    ditto   ditto   182.50

Received the above notes from C Binns clk Loudoun this 23d Sept'r. 1832 Wm Ellzey