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to the Honble Henry St George Tucker Judge of the Superior Court of Chancery for the Winchester District humbly complaining shews to your Honour your orator Gustavus A Moran that on or about the [blank] day of April [blank] in the year 1824 his father the late William Moran died having made and executed his last will & testament whereby after sundry devises & bequests he gave all the rest and residue of his property among his four sons William Moran Edward B. Moran Samuel Moran & your orator. A Copy of which will is herewith exhibited (No 1) and prayed to be taken as part of this bill. Your orator states that all the Exors. named in said will refused to act and that administration with the will annexed on said testator's estate was on the [blank] day of December 1824 committed to William Thrift. Your orator states that said Thrift in pursuance of said testator's directions in the seventh of December 1824 made sale of all the perishable & other personal property belonging to the testate not specifically bequeathed which your orator verily believes amounted to at least from Six to Eight hundred dollars. Your orator states that there were bonds & [secties?] &c amounting to about $470.00/00 which were among the papers of said Testator and came to said administrators hands. Your orator is informed that said Thrift has purchased out the interest of some one of the residuary legatees but cannot rely on the information with certainty. He states that at the sale of said effects he became purchaser to the amt. of $347.82 for which with James Wilson as his security he executed his bond to said Thrift. That on the [blank] day of [blank] last said Thrift instituted suit ag't your orator & said Wilson in the superior