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Court of Law for the County of Loudoun & recovered Judgment agt your orator at the late special Term of said Court held in the seventh of July last for said sum of $367.82 with Int. from 1st Jany 1826 till paid & costs to $7.80 a [test?] copy of which is herewith exhibited No 2 and execution has issued therein agt your orator. Your orator states that said Thrift has never returned an inventory or appraisement nor any list of the debts due said Testator. That he has never settled his administrative acct upon his estate. That he your orator believes the debts due from said testator's estate were few in number & trifling in amount. That of course there must be a considerable surplus for division which as your orator is informed & believes is principally if not entirely divisible among three of said residuary legatees your orator included as said Edward B. was not charged with the said six hundred dolls. in the division of the Slaves as he ought to have been according to the directive of said residuary clause. Your orator states that by the [illegible] of said admor. he is likely to be compelled to pay said execution when a large part thereof should be coming to him from said estate. All which is against equity & tends to the manifest injury of your orator and as your orator is remediless at Law and can only be relieved in Equity your orator prays that said Wm. Thrift admor with the will annexed of Wm. Moran dec'd William Moran Edward B. Moran Samuel Moran be made parties to this Bill with aft words to charge them that they be compelled to answer the premises & especially that the said Wm. Thrift say what was the personal estate & debts due to his said testator specifying particularly such debt upon when & to what amt. & where due and what was the amount of sales of said estate what debts & legacies he has paid & what remains unpaid that he settle his administrative

acct. before one of the commissioners of this court. That the surplus of said estate be divided That the proportion due to your orator be ascertained & applied to the extinguishment of said Judgment so far as it goes That until such settlement said Thrift & all others be enjoined from any further proceeding on said Judgment & exon. agt your orator & that he be perpetually enjoined & that such other and general relief be given your orator as to your Honor seems fit & the Cun. [illegible] of [illegible] V.

[Has p 9?]

Loudoun County to wit

This day Gustavus A Moran formally appeared before me the subscriber a justice of the peace for said Cty & qualified in due form to above bill - Given under my hand this 31st day of Aug't 1829 Sam. M. Edwards