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The answer of William Thrift administrator of William Moran dec'd & to a bill of complaint and injunction exhibited against him & others in the Superior Court of Chancery in the Winchester District by Gustavus A Moran: respondent, making the usual and necessary [asservations?] and exceptions, for answer to so much of said bill as he is advised it is material to answer, says he did qualify as administrator with the will annexed of William Moran dec'd: he admits the will to be as stated in the bill. Respondent, further answering, says he did sue in the debt due him in his said character of administrator by the plaintiff and received judgment for the amount of the claim as stated in the bill. He admits the debts due to the estate of his said testator were nominally about $470 of which some $250 were realized, and the remainder lost by insolvency. In this estimate the debt of S. B. Moran mentioned in the will is not included The sales, of which the respondent is ready to furnish a list, amounted to $852.62 1/2 respondent paid debts and expenses to the amount of some $947.30 including the costs of a suit instituted by the orator for freedom: this he is ready to show. Respondent paid Samuel B.. Moran & Edward Moran their shares of the residuum of the estate but did not buy the shares. Respondent furnished each of the legatees with the amount of the sales