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growing on the land at the time of testators death, and the whole proceeds of the personal estate except the negroes will not be sufficient to pay the debts. Your Orator has also hired out the negroes emancipated by his testator for the purpose of paying the debts. But your Orator feels some difficulty in dividing under the will, whether the said negroes thus emancipated are only liable for the debts unpaid after applying the fund provided for the payment of debts by the testator and the property bequeathed to said Mary J Conn, or whether the said Mary J Conn is entitled to her legacy of three hundred Dollars out of the personal estate, and the said negroes liable to the payment of the debts left unpaid after appropriating for that purpose the property and funds specifically appointed for payment of the debts by said will. The negroes in possession of said Raphael Conn when he died and which are emancipated by his will are William at present aged about 40 - Eliz'h. aged about 35 or 40 - Nelson about 30 - Sophia about 27 - John about 21 - Betsy about 19 - Lucinda 17 - Evelina about 13 - Tom about 12 - Dan about 10 - Isabella about 8 - Jackson about 6 - Maria about 10 - Martin about 9 - Ann about 7 - Mildred about 5 and Henry about 3 years old - Sophia since the death of testator has had a child aged