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Conns Exor vs Conn and others } Bill in Chy 1833 June Bill and Exhibit filed and Conv. July Cont'd Augt. Cont'd Sept'r. answ'rs of J. R. Robinson guard'n ad litem to infants - and the answ'r of Elizabeth Doogan, Sophia Stafford, William Swift, Nelson Westfall filed, gen'l rep'ln and set for hearing as to them and cont'd. Sept'r. Term - Decree for decree filed & cont'd. 1834 April Term Cont'd. Sept. Term. Decree per filed & cont'd. 1835 June Decree pr] decree filed &cont'd.

The fair construction of the will is that the specific legacy to Mary Conn is exempted from the pay't of debts - and cannot be applied to that purpose unless all the other funds provided shall prove insufficient for that purpose. That she has not relinquished her legacy or waived her right by permitting the sale. The Slaves, although emancipated are liable to pay debts and may be hired out or sold for such time as may be necessary for that purpose. Account to be settled on these principles.