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or otherwise shall be collected and applied to the payment of [page torn] debts. And lastly it is my will and desire that my nephew Raph [page torn] M. Conn be appointed the Executor of this my last will [page torn] testament and that no security shall be required of him as Execu [page torn]. Given under my hand and seal this 7th day of December [page torn] Rap'h Conn {Seal} Witness Francis L. Smith Thomas T. Blackford John J. Thompson Daniel Flinn

At a court held for the County of Page on Monday the 26th day of Dec'r 1831. The within will of Raphael Conn was produced to the Court and proved by the oaths of Francis L. Smith & Thos T Blackford to be the true last will and testament of the said Raphael Conn and ordered to be Recorded Teste Wm. A. Harris Clk A Copy Teste Wm. A. Harris C. C.