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[illegible] Executor in [illegible] This cause came on to be heard this 4th day of September 1833 upon the bill exhibit the answer of infant defendants and adult defendants Elizabeth, Sophia, William and Nelson and replication thereto and [illegible] Mary Conn it is taken for confess that [illegible] having been [illegible] and bill filed more than four months and she still pending to answer. On considerations whereof the court doth adjudge order and decree that the executor of said Raphael Conn pay to said Mary Conn three hundred dollars the amount of her legacy our of the [illegible] of sale of personal estate that the residue of the personal estate and the fund provided by the will of said Raphael Conn for payment of his debts be applied to that purpose and if insufficient that the slaves who are emancipated are to be hired out to raise a sum sufficient to pay the balance of the debts and the cash of this suit and that said executor of Raphael Conn do [illegible] by executorial account upon the [illegible] of this decree [illegible] William R. Almond who is hereby appointed special commissioner for that purpose who after being [illegible] duly sworn to settle the said account shall [illegible] to settle the same and make report of his [illegible] herein to the court in order to a final decree stating specially such matters as are deemed pertinent by himself in which either party may require him to state specially.