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William, Elizabeth, Nelson and Sophia people of Colour and who formerly belonged to Raphael Conn dec'd and William A. Harris guardian ad litem of John, Betsy, Lucinda, Evelina, Tom, Jackson, Maria, Martin, Ann, Mildred and Henry Inft Defts and coloured people in the suit of William G. Conn and others against the sd coloured people and others. Please to take notice that on the 25 of November 1834 in the house of John Williams in the Town of Luray in the County of Page we shall proceed to take the depositions of witnesses to be read as evidence in the suit now depending in the Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery for the County of Page in which we are Pltfs and you and others are Defts. Sept 2 1834 William G Conn Jacob Isaacs Jane Isaacs Ellenor Wilson