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The joint and several answers of negroes William, Elizabeth, Nelson and Sophia above the age of twenty one years and of John, Betsey, Lucinda, Evelina, Tom, Dan, Isabella, Jackson, Maria, Martin, Ann, Mildred and Henry, infants under the age of twenty one years through their guardian ad litem James R. Robertson to a bill of complaint exhibited themselves and others in the Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery for the County of Page, by Raphael M. Conn Exor. of Raphael Conn, decd.

These respondents, saving and reserving to themselves now and at all times hereafter all manner and benefit of exception to the said bill of complainant, for answer thereunto say that they are respectively emancipated by the last will and testament of their late master Raphael Conn, decd. as they are informed and of truth believe, as well more fully appear by reference to an office copy of said will, admitted to probate in the Clerks office of Page County, and made an exhibit by the bill of complt.

That the said testator resides in Page County when he died, possessed of your respondents as his slaves, your respondents know nothing of the situation of the affairs of their late master the said Raphael Conn, decd., they have been hired out by the exor. Raphael M. Conn ever since the death of said Raphael Conn, decd., and do not admit the necessity of being hired out longer unless there be a failure in the other personal property of the sd. Raphael Conn, decd., to satisfy his debts, your respondents are informed, that the said testator devised to his niece Miss Mary Conn a portion of his household and kitchen furniture, amounting to three hundred dollars, as may be seen by a clause in said will. Your respondents are advised that the property thus devised to Miss Mary Conn was liable to the payment of the debts of the said testator, but whether so applied or not these respondents are advised to insist and hereby insist, that if the property devised