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The [deposion?] of Charles Fore of lawful age taken at the house of Peter Fore this 16th March 1804 in the county of Prince Edward in a suit of chancery defending in sd court by consent of Peter Fore and Anthony Woodson being parties Thereto; This deponant deposeth and saith that some time in years that he happened in conversation with Anthony Winston and that the said Winston asked him when he saw his brother Peter Fore or was there he the sd Winston observed that he had seen him and that he had given Kuzzy a master this deponant asked him who and he sd Winston sd Peter Fore he had given him sd Fore an instrument of writing and sd Fore had recorded the sd writings and that he never intended the sd Fore to have sd negroes but the sd Fore had put it out of his power and that he had given it him to falsify them and that he intended to have taken them again when they had got better off; this deponant asked what was to become of John and beck sd Winston observed that they were to stay with Peter Fore and Kuzzy their mother and he sd Fore was to raise the children for Anthony and Judith Woodson this deponant then asked sd Winston what sd Fore was to have for raising sd negro children the sd Winston sd that sd Fore was to have the benefit of sd negros till Anthony Woodson becomes of age as well as he recollects and that the next child sd Kuzzy had was to go to Alice Woodson and further this deponant saith not.

Charles Fore Prince Edward fc The above disposition was sworn to before us the date above written William Price Saml Watkins