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Know all men by these present that we Samuel Booker & John Booker are held & firmly bound unto Jesse Hamlett in the Just and full sum of three hundred dollars current money to the paid to the said Jesse Hamlett his heirs executors administrators or assigns we bind ourselves our heirs executors and administrators jointly and severally firmly by these presents sealed with our surely and dated this 21st day of August one thousand eight hundred and five. The condition of the above obligation is such whereas John Watkins one of the executors of George Moore, decd. on behalf of himself & other defendants at suit said Hamlett hath this day [illegible] to the third day of the next Superior Court of Chancery to be holden at the Capitol in the City of Richmond in September next from a Decree of the Court of Prince Edward County rendered against Molly Moore, Executrix and John Watkins Executrix of George Moore deceased George Moore, Jesse Moore, Thomas Moore, John Moore and William Moore son of Thomas Moore and grandsons of said George Moore deceased, James D. Coles, Robert Smith and Polly W. Smith his wife Thomas M. Hamlett, John Hamlett, & Robert Hamlett, Peggy Hamlett and Ann Hamlett, Bryant Ferguson and Nancy his wife John Watkins and Mary his wife and