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The affidavit of [Isham?] Rice of lawful age to be read as evidence in the suit now depending in the county court of Prince Edward where in Nathaniel Matthews [illegible] of Philip B. Matthews is plaintiff and Sarah Matthews and William [illegible] Walker executor and executor of William Matthews [illegible] is defendant this affiant after being first sworn upon the holy evangelist of almighty God saith that some time in the summer after the death of his brother William Matthews. Thomas [illegible] went to Hutchins Matthews and returned to his sisters and said that Hutchins Matthews told him that his brothers William Matthews estate was owing Philip B. Matthews one hundred and seventy or eight pounds. I heard Thomas [illegible] [illegible] Philip B. Matthews wheather or no his brother was owing him any thing, his reply was that he did not ow me a [illegible] some time after that Mr. Walker came to [illegible] Matthews and William Matthews informed him the report about William Matthews estate owing Philip B. Matthews a large sum of money was still in circulation and Mr. Walker went out to Philip B. Matthews and had some conversation with him and returned in in the house again and said that Philip told him that his brothers estate was owing him nothing some time after Philip B. Matthews came in the house and he was asked if his brothers estate was owing him anything his reply again was that his brothers estate was owing him nothing