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Deposition of [illegible] Matthews

This is to certify that Philip B. Matthews same to my house and asked me if same [illegible] about the year [illegible] I would walk with him to [illegible] [illegible] Walkers and after we got to [illegible] Walkers Philip B. Matthews sold Mr. Walker that he came for a settlement that his brother William's estate was suing him a crop of tobacco and the hire of a negroe woman [illegible] Mr. Walkers reply was Mrs. Matthew you told me that your brothers estate [illegible] you nothing for you intended to live with your sister as long as you lived and give all that you [illegible] to the family your death Philip B. Matthews replyd that he was treated so bad that he would not live with his sister and that they owed him for that crop of tobacco for the [illegible] of his negroe, [illegible] a conversation took [illegible] about a saddle that Philip B. Matthews bought belonging to the estate of [illegible] Matthews [deceased?] Philip Matthews told Mr. [illegible] Walker that he never would pay for the saddle unless they got it by law for his brothers estate [illegible] him more than would buy a dozen saddles but he was willing to give credit for the price of the saddle upon a fair settlement and I heard [illegible] Walker say if their was any thing due Philip B. Matthews he would pay him if he would prove his [illegible] Philip B. Matthews told Mr. Walker that he depended on his brother [illegible] Matthews to keep all [account?] between them for he was his guardian I heard William Matthews say in his life that he kept Philip B. Matthew's money in his hands to buy Philip a settlement of land and my brother William Matthews did bid for a tract of land and said that it was for Philip B. Matthews if he bought it I also went to William Matthews a short time after his death and I heard Sarah Matthews say that Philip B. Matthews was to have the saddle that my brother [illegible] left and to the best of my