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Question by the Dfts: When Mr Walker told Mr. P. B. Matthews, that he had told him (Walker) that Wm Mathews owed him nothing, what did Mr. Mathews say? He did not say anything. contradicting Mr. Walker & but shew he could not live with his sister. Question by the pltff: What did P. B. Mathews tell you about his claim against Wm. Mathewses estate. Answer. That the receipts which he has given his brother Wm. Mathews were wrong, & were not to stand good if his brother hired & that he owed him for a crop of tobacco & the hire of a negro. Hutchins Mathews. Sworn to before me a justice of the peace for Prince Edward and to be read as evidence in a suit in chy: now depending between N Mathews Exor of P. B. Mathews ptff: and Wm Walker & Sarah Mathews Exors. & dfts. March 12th 1808 James Morton

Matthews vs Matthews } dep.

Under seal Mar 18th 1808