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S & B 10 37 James Samples &c.

vs } Bill in Chy.

Simeon Hunt &c. 1850 Sept 2d Bill filed [illegible] to answer as to defts. & upon whom process served Octo 7 Order of publication against Absentees & Continued Octo 28, J. F. McElhenney appointed guardian ad litem for infants [illegible] in the Country & answer filed of admr. Decr. 2 Answer of Guardian ad litem filed & sent rept. to [illegible] filed 1851 Jany. order for sale of slaves 1852 Jany Decree affirming sale of slaves 1853 Jany. to Decr. Cont'd. 1854 Jany. to Decr. Cont'd. 1855 Jany. to Decr.. Cont'd. 1856 Jany. to Decr. Cont'd.

[right side of page] 1857 Jany. to Decr. Cont'd. Jany. 1863 Cont'd. Feb. 1863 cont'd. March cont'd. May & June 1863 Cont'd. August Continued Continued until March 1864 From March until June continued