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To the worshipful County Court of Russell County in chancery siting The answer of John F. McElhenney and William B. Aston adm'rs. of with the will annexed of William Samples dec'd. to a bill exhibited against them and others by James Samples Charles Samples and Martha Spratt after saving all just exceptions to said bill for answer say that they have examined the complts. bill carefully and are satisfied that the statements therein are true so far as their knowledge extends And they are decidedly of opinion that it is impracticable to divide the slaves spoken of in the bill between the parties to whom they or their precedes are bequeathed by the will of Wm Samples according to the intents of the will, without a sale of the negroes They therefore admit that the prayer of the bill is but reasonable and they make no objection to it And have answered so far as they deem it material to answer pray to be hence dismissed with their costs. McElhanney & Aston

Virginia Russell County to wit

This day J. F. McElhenney personally came before the undersigned a justice of the peace for said County and made oath that the foregoing answer so far as it is made on his own knowledge is true and so far as it depends on the information of others he believes it to be true. Given under my hand this 21st day of October 1850.

Geo. A. Pruner, J. P.