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To restrain the defendant Richard Dabbs his agents allowing and all others concerned frm further proceeding on a Judgment obtained by that defendant as assigned of the other deft William Willis against the plaintiff in the County Court of Campbell until the further order of this Court. But the effect of this injunction is to be suspended until the plaintiff shall have entered unto Bond with sufficient security in the clerks office of the said County Court on a penalty equal to double the amount of the said judgment with such condition as the law requires and untill he shall also have filed with the said Clerk a release of all errors at law in the same judgment and proceedings Jno Wills Memo A Copy of the release of errors is to be certified to the Court J Wills

Tayloe vs Willis } Sha & Isje Executed on Richard Dabbs the 13th of February 1820 on Mr Willis the 1st day of May 1820 A S Wyllie DMS Retd 9. May 1820

Campbell Clerks office Nov 24th I do hereby certify that the Plf in the within Injunction has entered into bond with sufficient securely according to Law. Teste Jno. Alexander D.C.