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Virginia to wit At a superior Court of Chancery holden in the Town of Lynchburg the 12" day of October 1820 Before the Honorable Creed Taylor Creed Taylor Judge of the said Court John Tayloe Plt against William Willis & Richard Dabbs Defts Among the Records & proceedings of the said Court are the following in the Suit above mentioned (here Copy Bill) upon the backs of the foregoing Bill is the following order made by the Judge of the said Court (here Copy endorsement of Judge) And at Rules holden in the Clerks Office of the said Superior Court of Chancery in the month of January 1820 the Defendants appeared by Counsel and put in their Answers to the foregoing Bill of the Plaintiff in these words (here copy 2 & 3 And thereupon at the same rules the Plt by Counsel replied generally to the said Answers and Commissions were then awarded the parties to examine & take the Depositions of their witnesses And at a Superior Court of Chancery holden in the said Town the 16th day of May 1820 / 286