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To the honorable Giard Taylor Judge of the Superior Court of Chancery holden in & for the Lynchburg District Humbly complaining sheweth you your Honr your orator John H Smith that sometime in the year [blank] he purchased, of John & Pleasant Labby of the Town of Lynchburg who were the partners, as your orator understood in the manufacturing of Tobacco and on the junction & Sale of property real & personal in Lynchburg, a negro man by name of Squire (commonly called Squire Lacy) who was, as is believed about forty five years old. The said Slave was a waterman & had been accustom'd to the navigation of James River; therefore believing him valuable your orator allow'd the said John Labby & Pleasant Labby the sum of $600 for him & paid them: A Bill of Sale was given to your orator written by the said John Labby & Pleasant Labby or by one of them. Your orator having mislaid the said Bill of Sale cannot now say with confidence & certain whether both or one and if but one which one of the said Labby's signed the said Bill of Sale. In the said Bill of Sale (as well as your orator remembers) there was no excepts warranty of the good health & soundness of the said Slave: But as the sail Slave was sick at the time of the purchase, your orator put many