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[left side of page] justices to the said Pleasant Labby (who sheweith the slave to your orator and contracted to make the Sale to him) respecting the health of said Slave. The said Labby informed your orator to the before and after the bargain was made & at the time of giving the Bill of Sale aforesaid that aid Slave was sound & healthy. that he had then lately taken Cold or had a fit of the Colick & that his sickness was more fanciful than real. That he was genually healthy & very valuable Waterman. Your orator listening to these representation & confidently in the Truth did not request the said Labby (Pleasant) or the said John Labby to warrant the soundness of the Slave & yr orator, as aforesaid made the purchase. He relied solely on the correctness of the statements made to him. He had never, until a few minutes before the purchase, see or heard of the Slave Squire & had never heard any previous except the said Labby's speak of [him]. Your orator further states that on the day after he purhas'd & paid for said Slave he understood that the slave had for many years had been afflicted with a disorder of a very dangerous Character call'd then Asthma which seldom fails to occasion death.