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at the September Term of the said Court in this present year 1820. Your orator, after this suit was order'd discover'd that although he could easily prove that the Slave Squire had been infirm for many years & was generally known to be so; yet it would be difficult and as your orator believ'd impracticable to prove satisfactorily that the said Labby's or either of them knew perfectly the defects of sd slave except by their own statements on oath. Your orator nevertheless believes & therefore expressly charges the fact that the said John & the said Pleasant knew that the said Slave was unsound & not capable of any Service & knowing this fact did fraudulently sell him to your orator for the high price of $600. All which actings & damages of the said Pleasant & the said John are against Equity & tend manifestly to the injury of your orator who is without remedy except in this honourable Court where matters of this sort are cognisable & where alone your orator can appeal to the Consciences of the said John & the said Pleasant. In tender consideration whereof your orator prays that the said John Labby & Pleasant Labby may be made Defendants hereto & may be compel'd on oath full, true & perfect answer to make all & singular the premises as fully as if herein repeated & they were thereto particularly interrogated. And more especially that they may answer &say whether