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the sale aforesaid was not made to your orator by them and the Bill of sale aforesaid signed by them or one of them & if by one only, by whom was it signed was there any express uncertainty of the soundness of said slave? At what time was said sale made? What was the sum given for said Slave Squire? Was it not a full price for him if he had been sound & healthy? What was his age? Was it known to the said John & Pleasant or to either of them that the aforesaid Slave was disease'd? Did they not carefully conceal from your orator all knowledge of the ill-health of said Slave? Did they not represent to your orator that he was sound & healthy? Did they not speak of him as also active, valuable & very serviceable Slave? Was not the said Slave sick at the time of the purchase of him by your orator & did not he the said Pleasant say to your orator that his sickness was more feigned than real? had your orator any knowledge of the said Slave & did he not rely wholly on the statements made by the said Pleasant & the said John respecting him? Did not the said slave die, with the asthma, in three or four months after your orator took possession of him? And that your Honr, being satisfied that a deliberate fraud has been practiced on your orator by the said John & the said Pleasant or by one of them may decree to your orator the sum of $600 with Interest there